• F3 Carbon Helmet Ghost Back F3 Carbon Helmet Ghost
    The lightest off-road carbon helmet ever produced by Klim.
  • F3 Tectonic Strike OrangeBacl F3 Tectonic Strike Orange

    F3 Helmet

    KLIM’s F3 helmet is a most-valuable off-road riding partner.
  • F5 Helmet Jet Vivid Blue Back F5 Helmet Jet Vivid Blue

    F5 Helmet

    The F5 is the ultimate all-day, unrivaled comfort helmet.
  • Klim F5 Carbon Koretek red Back Klim F5 Carbon Koretek red
    Koroyd® is a next generation energy absorbing technology, engineered with a unique structure and innovative energy management properties. When impacted the Koroyd cores crush homogeneously, decelerating the energy from the impact.
  • KriosProMekkaMekkaKineticBlue Krios Pro Arsenal Dune

    Carved from the KRIOS ECE chassis, the KRIOS PRO is the first ADV-specific helmet in North America to integrate Koroyd® materials and construction. The KRIOS PRO helmet elevates standards in comfort, performance and airflow while leaving traditional compromises behind. The ultimate ADV experience is made possible by high performance Karbon™ Fiber construction, four-ride-mode versatility, aerodynamic superiority and unrivaled acoustical and contact comfort.